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foto van Bas de Koning die zijn fiets boven zijn hoofd houd.


Sfeerfoto van het interieur van Studio Duel
foto van Patricia die het boek Gezichten van onzekerbestaan leest.

Our vision:

Strategic communication for a better world!

The impact of communication is huge. It shapes our view of the world, both positively and negatively. It controls what you see, think, buy and do. That is why we use communication for a higher purpose; a fair, sustainable and healthy world where no one is left behind.

foto van Bas de Koning die aan het werk is.

We believe that taking action yourself is the best way to inspire others. If we can do it, you can too. That is why we make our impact report public.

In this report you can read what we have done practically in 2022 to achieve our goals. In let's talk about facts, baby, we are transparent about our figures.

​A selection of our work can be found at planet proof projects. There we show how we are committed to sustainable and social ambitions.

​If you have any tips for us to improve this impact report, please let us know!

Why an

Impact Report

foto van Hederik van der Kolk die aan het werk is in Studio Duel
Sfeerfoto van het interieur van Studio Duel
gif animation of the book guidelines for change
Foto van Patricia die haar surfboard aan het waxen is.

For our studio, working towards a better world is not without obligation. We have a clear goal in mind and want to stay on track. We have described how we do this in the Guidelines for Change – not empty words, but concrete steps.

We help our clients to tell their story in an honest, empathetic way. We take into account the racial and gender stereotypes that exist in our society. You can read how we do this in our ethical marketing policy.

We believe it is important that the people we work with - employees, clients, suppliers and partners - share our vision. This is how we make the most impact together.

A step in the right direction is easier than expected. So we encourage you to take advantage of our research. You can download our Guidelines for Change and use it as a tool to strengthen your mission.


for Change

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