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Foto van Bas de Koning die aan het bespreken is met een klant in Studio Duel.

positive change

Foto van Tom Munneke die 'Force for Good' aan het schilderen is om de ramen van Studio Duel..
Foto van Patricia die aan het fietsen is.

With our strategic know-how and outspoken creativity, we help hundreds of people and companies take big steps towards a fair, healthy and sustainable future.

With our communication we provide insight into complex problems and topics and contribute to achieving the SDG goals.

We make an impact when we can demonstrate that we have changed the behavior of people and companies to commit to a sustainable and inclusive future.

We turn passive spectators into active participants.

Our mission:

Foto van het straatbeeld van Studio Duel
To be or not

to B CORP?

Duel joins the growing global movement of companies that want to accelerate a transition to a new sustainable economy. In 2021, Studio Duel achieved B Corp status and joined companies such as Patagonia, Wetransfer and Finisterre.


Ever since the start of Duel in 2003, we believe that the impact of our profession is huge. Communication determines what you buy, think and do. More than 10 years ago, we decided to use that impact exclusively for the greater good. A sustainable and social world in which no one is left behind. Since then, we have worked exclusively for brands and companies with a social vision.


We seek social responsibility not only from our clients, but also from ourselves. We have moved to a sustainable studio, which we have furnished with sustainable and circular materials. We travel by bicycle and eat vegetarian. We are well on our way, we think. But it can always be better.

As a B Corp, you must incorporate your sustainability and social goals into your business operations and decision-making. You will be re-tested every three years and you must have made demonstrable progress. This keeps us sharp and ensures that we continue to work towards our goals. B Corp is an international certification for companies that use their services or products for a better world.


B Corp certified companies pursue the highest standards of social and sustainable performance to balance profit and social interest to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Foto van mensen van Studio Duel die aan het surfen zijn in zee.


B Impact Score














We achieved a score of 87.4 with our B Corp assessment. This means we scored just above the average B Corp score (83.4). But it can be much better, because the maximum score is 200 points. So there's work to be done!

You can view the full report here to look at.

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