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We shake the world with our groundbreaking creativity, both for our valued customers and for our own studio. We embrace clear objectives and do not shy away from challenges. That's why we also take a closer look at our own studio, because it's not all about chatting, there's real work to be done. The evidence below speaks for itself.
CO2 compensation



Better safe than sorry... Together with Trees for all we compensate more than we emit.

Scope 3
Co2 emissions



Indirect CO2 emissions caused by business activities of another organization from which we purchase. 

Scope 2 & Business travel
Co2 emissions



Indirect CO2 emissions from the generation of our purchased and consumed electricity or heat. And emissions from business transport. 

Scope 1
Co2 emissions



Direct CO2 emissions caused by our own sources within Duel.

For the exact calculation of our CO2 footprint, see our calculation environmental barometer

foto van lunch in Studio Duel

0% Meat

Yes, sometimes we eat a juicy hamburger or spicy chicken sandwiches. But only when it's made from plant-based ingredients. We already ate very little meat and we have stopped doing that completely in 2022. We didn't miss it for a moment.

foto van eten in glazen potten.

Plastic not so fantastic

Pieter Pot delivers groceries in reusable jars and bottles. This means that much less plastic packaging material is needed than in a 'normal' supermarket. We have replaced some of our groceries with Pieter Pot's packaging-free groceries. This allows us to reduce our plastic waste by approximately 10%.

foto van cafe tigershark.

Packaging-free coffee from Scheveningen

We buy our coffee locally at Tigershark coffee in Scheveningen. Not only very tasty coffee, but also locally roasted and since recently packaged in reusable containers instead of plastic bags.

Foto van Tom Munneke aan het surfen op een hele mooie golf in Den haag.

No more fossil wetsuits for us!

Surface makes wetsuits from neoprene-free natural rubber, Yulex. These wetsuits are therefore much less harmful to the environment than traditional neoprene wetsuits. The new wetsuits that we bought from the business 'surf budget' are made of 100% natural material.


behind the numbers



We heat our studio with a heat pump and cook electrically. As a result, our electricity use is higher than average, but we use 0% gas. Our electricity is 100% sustainable electricity. We have reduced our consumption by 9.7% compared to 2019 and by 5.7% compared to 2021.


% compared to 2021



We no longer use fossil fuel in our studio. We cook on induction and heat our studio with a heat pump.


% compared to 2021



After an intensive surf session, we like to get rid of the salt before we get back to work. That's why you can shower at our studio. This year we used slightly less water than last year.


% compared to 2021



In 2022 we will have cycled 8,260 km.


% compared to 2021



Too far to cycle? Then we take the train. In total, we traveled 896 km by train in 2022.


% compared to 2021



Sometimes there is no other option... then to travel by car. We were in the car for 2334 km in 2022 (or were stuck in traffic jams).


% compared to 2021

Stakeholder engagement


Every year we involve various stakeholders in our company. Including customers, suppliers, employees, local residents and also fellow entrepreneurs with a social vision. We ask them for feedback through conversations, interviews and surveys. In 2022, we asked 23 stakeholders for feedback on our collaboration. Together with our stakeholders, we keep the social, sustainable and economic impact of Duel sharp. 


% compared to 2021

Employee satisfaction


We tested the team's satisfaction with annual evaluation interviews and interim informal conversations. We work together on a personal development plan. 


% compared to 2021

What's cooking?

A healthy lunch is prepared every day in our kitchen. Often with fresh organic products, always without meat. The pasta with lemon and red pepper was a favorite in 2022. Would you like to come by and have lunch sometime? 

Foto van gekookt eten in Studio Duel.
Foto van Hederik die aan het eten koken in Studio Duel.


In 2022, the world was woken up by the start of the war in Ukraine. More than 8 million Ukrainians had to flee their country. We supported the Cooperating Aid Organizations Foundation (Giro555) to provide humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine with a financial contribution.

Giro 555

More than a million Dutch people live below the poverty line. The food bank helps people who do not have enough money to buy a healthy meal. We support the volunteers and therefore supported the Haaglanden Food Bank with a financial contribution.

Voedselbank Haaglanden

The sea is the place where we feel good, where we get our creativity and tranquility. The passionate volunteers of the KNRM ensure that the sea is a safe place for everyone. We would like to keep it that way and that is why we support the KNRM with an annual donation.

Koninklijke Nederlandse Reddingsmaatschappij

Single-use plastics form the largest group of waste on the coasts. Plastic cutlery, drinking bottles, cigarette butts or cotton buds account for almost half of all litter. We went out to thoroughly clean up the coast and the beach, so that less waste ends up in the sea.

Foto van Hederik en Bas die aan het plastic rapen zijn in de haven van Scheveningen

No plastic in our soup

Every year during the WWF Seaswim, people swim in the sea to raise money and create awareness for the vitality of the sea and the life in it. In 2022 we raised more than €1,200 with our sponsorship campaign. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to strong currents in the sea.

Protect what you love poster.

Protect what you love

Why go by car when you can also go by bike or public transport? We almost never use a car for business transportation. Most clients are easy to reach by bicycle, public transport or video calls. If we unexpectedly need a car, we will compensate for the CO2 emissions.

Foto van Bas de Koning die fietst in de Duinen van Den Haag.

We want to ride our bicycles

Tom die naar surfers in zee kijkt.

Sitting is the new smoking... we know. Yet we do it a lot…sitting. For that reason we like to get some fresh air during a walk to the sea. About three times a week, for just under an hour.

Walk the talk

Our goal is to inspire others to work towards a better world, just like us. We do this, among other things, with our Social Media channels. In 2022, 50% of our Instagram posts consisted of information about projects. We use the other 50% to inspire others to make a sustainable and social impact.

Doing good is not enough do better poster.

Impact by Social media

Our studio has been B Corp certified since December 22, 2021. B Corp certified companies use their products or services for a better world. 

B-corp poster Studio Duel

1 year Force for Good

about facts, baby

Vegan kookcursus in Studio Duel.

Vegan cooking workshop by Rabarber Republic

Led by vegan chef Maarten from Rabarber Republic, our team immersed themselves in the world of haute cuisine vegan cooking. During the workshop we learned all about magic dust, aquafaba, agar-agar, kala namak and much more. Everything to take a vegan meal to a higher level.

logoanimatie gemeente Den Haag

Logo animation course from Motion design school

With moving images we can tell our stories with even more impact. Patricia followed an intensive training in logo animation from Motion Design School

Foto Tom

Masterclass lettering by Rachel Joy

During the three-day lettering masterclass of the English typographer Rachel Joy computers are redundant. With the intensive and inspiring training, organized by Graphic Matters, Tom refined his craft lettering skills. 

Foto van bas en Hederik bij Behavioral design cursus.

The art of behavior unraveled through Sue's training in Behavioral Design

We turn passive spectators into active participants! It has been our motto for years. But how do you get people moving? Changing people's behavior is very difficult. That's why we took a training course in 
Behavioral Design at Sue in Amsterdam. We have learned to be successful in influencing behavior in order to make even more impact with our projects.


& development

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